Bring It On! International News International News and Analysis from Team BIO Sat, 03 Nov 2007 19:27:11 +0000 en Will The U.S. Be Forced To “Pack It In” In Pakistan? Sat, 03 Nov 2007 19:27:11 +0000 Daniel DiRito al QaedaBenazir BhuttoBush AdministrationCondoleezza RiceIslamistsPakistanPervez MusharrafTaliban The problem with supporting military regimes is evidenced by the arbitrary declaration of martial law just imposed by Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf. What hangs in the balance is Pakistan’s ability to move towards democracy and our ability to insure a government which will be supportive of American efforts in the region.

Should Pakistan follow the unfortunate course of unelected regimes previously backed by the U.S., we may well have reached a point of no return and we may soon witness the chaos that accompanies efforts to overthrow an unpopular and self-appoint ed leader.

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Supporting the Troops: A Bush Oxymoron Thu, 25 Oct 2007 00:27:33 +0000 Omnipotent Poobah bring it onbushiraqomnipotent poobahpolitics Funny MoneyIt’s the time that comes with depressing regularity. The Nimrod-in-Ch ief is on the dais, against a backdrop of soldiers and flags, asking for more money to throw down the sinkhole that is Iraq. This time it’s $46 billion for a total of $196 billion this fiscal year.

He’s already making his “my way or the highway” speech. “I know some in Congress are against the war, and are seeking ways to demonstrate that opposition. I often hear that war critics oppose my decisions, but still support the troops. Well, I’ll take them at their word - and this is the chance to show it, that they support the troops,” he says with what passes for his straight face.

That’s mighty fine speechifying Admiral Asshat, but where’s your support?

  • Did you support a raise to compensate those having their asses shot off?
  • Have you demonstrated the least concern over excessive deployments?
  • Have you listened to the advice of even your hand-selecte d Generals that our military is teetering on collapse?
  • How about those who come home with stumps? Do they get good VA treatment? (more…)

    Tags: , , , , , , ]]> The Last Puzzle Pieces Of A Dysfunctional Presidency? Sat, 20 Oct 2007 23:38:16 +0000 Daniel DiRito Afghanistanal QaedaBill MaherForeign PolicyGarry KasparovGeorge W. BushIranMahmoud AhmadinejadPakistanPervez MusharrafRussiaTaliban An interesting pattern is developing which may provide incontrovert ible evidence that the Bush administrati on’s foreign policy is an unmitigated failure. In reviewing the evidence, this failure may result from the propensity of George Bush to form opinions of foreign leaders based upon unfounded, instantaneou s, and impulsive impressions.

    Recent developments in our relationship s with Russia and Pakistan highlight these concerns and raise doubts as to the President’s ability to size-up Vladimir Putin and Pervez Musharraf. While these situations seem to have garnered less attention than the war in Iraq and the tensions with Iran and North Korea; they may soon provide the proof that George Bush’s judgment is fully insufficient and fatally flawed.

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    Disaster Capitalism Wed, 17 Oct 2007 01:47:21 +0000 Tom Harper This phrase was coined by Naomi Klein. Two recent examples of disaster capitalism: Hurricane Katrina provided an opportunity to close down housing projects in New Orleans; and the chaos in Iraq has made it possible to ram through an oil privatizatio n law.

    As Klein puts it: “The window of opportunity opens up, and it is deliberately exploited. Her newest book is called The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism.

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    Ok. So what did Clinton do that was this bad? Tue, 16 Oct 2007 12:56:32 +0000 Paul Watson Please read

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