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Times are tough all over…

The news this week that Bear Stearns took it in the shorts was not earth shattering. But it did give me pause to think about how those poor Executives are going to have a Merry Christmas without their bonuses.
Ok, I lied..I really laughed like a hyena when I read it. After all, why the hell […]

Going to hell in a handbasket–Musharraf style

The newest country to impose martial law is Pakistan. Following a fine tradition started eons ago, General Perez Musharraf has used the time-honored excuse that the citizens of Pakistan need protecting from themselves. I think the timing is suspect, based on the fact that this week the Supreme Court of Pakistan was going to hand […]

Iranian arms? Screw that buy Russian!

The police at the Italian airport were looking for drugs. What they found was incredibly more important to the state of the world, the Middle East specifically . From AP:
Their discovery led anti-Mafia investigator s down a monthslong trail of telephone and e-mail intercepts, into the midst of a huge black-market transaction, as Iraqi and […]

Dominoes: Musharraf, Malaise, & More Of The Same

I’ve got dominoes on my mind today…but unfortunatel y they’re not the type that one would find to be entertaining . The primary domino I’m watching is the unstable situation in Pakistan…the country one might call the new Afghanistan… and the assumed home of the man George Bush occasionally tells us is irrelevant…O sama bin […]

The votes are in and counted in Turkey.

The ruling Party, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party maintained control but lost 10 seats in the Parlement. Erdogan is a heavy-duty Muslim. At a rally yesterday he said, per AP:

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Six ‘killed in Afghan bomb blast’

At least six people have been killed and 20 hurt in a suicide bombing in south Afghanistan, Nato-led forces say.

Lugovoi refusal is ‘unacceptable’

Britain has condemned Russia’s refusal to extradite Andrei Lugovoi over the Litvinenko murder.

Thousands flee Indonesia volcano

More than 8,000 villagers are evacuated from the slopes of a volcano erupting in east Indonesia.

Pakistani soldiers storm mosque

Up to 50 Islamic militants die as security forces attack a controversial Islamabad mosque, the army says.

Buenos Aires sees rare snowfall

A cold snap grips parts of South America, and snow falls on Argentina’s capital for the first time since 1918.