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Released pending further investigation? Held until expelled from the country?

Boy THAT ought to teach them to plot murder over a handful of Mohammad cartoons! Good job of catching the plotters but letting them go is the lamest excuse for anti-terrori sm ever. Complain about Bush’s tactics all you want but if we ever adopt THIS tactic, we might as well just throw in the […]

The World is Glued to America’s Presidential Race

Picture this: Your community is being controlled by a shadowy secretive gang of outlaws. They walk all over your local government, your culture; they do exactly what they want when they want. It’s all about THEM. They’re the center of the universe, and you’re just a pawn on their chessboard. For the past seven years […]

Hey, at least they’re not trading food for children to be sex slaves…

Apparently having nothing better to do, “UN peacekeepers in the disputed African territory of Western Sahara have vandalised ancient rock paintings“. Well at least they’re keeping busy doing something destructive. Let’s hear it for the UN! Hip, hip…
This was my favorite quote from the article: “I was appalled. You’d think some of them would know […]

Canadian Government Warns Its Citizens

Canadian citizens who plan on traveling outside of Canada have received a dire warning from their government. Canadian diplomats have been given a list of primitive barbaric countries that practice torture, and they’ve been duly warned that if they get arrested for any reason in one of these countries, they could be tortured. These backward […]

Chimps Not Persons, Even in Europe

A breath of legal fresh air from Austria: the high court there has rejected the notion that a chimpanzee can be considered a person for the purposes of receiving personal gifts. Don’t get me wrong, I think the impulse that drove the animal rights group to get these chimpanzees to be treated as persons in […]

Pakistan Has Weapons of Mass Destruction!

Those swarthy bastards have something to hide, I just know it. I thought Pakistan was our friend. Apparently not. Maybe Israel is our only friend. Well that’s just FINE! It’s us two against the world. We can take ‘em!
Those backstabbing Pakistanis won’t let us into their country to look for Osama bin Laden?!? The neverending […]

Euro theocrats shut down brothel

Just kidding about the ‘theocrats’ part. A court in Amsterdam has shut down a $500/go brothel because, it is alleged, it is being run by Hells Angels, and, as the Mayor explains, prostitution exploits women and encourages crime.
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No wonder the Bhutto assassin succeeded

US provided Bhutto with security intel. I guess she wasn’t paying attention to their success rate pre-Iraq war and the whole WMD thing.
Okay. Maybe that’s not fair. The article says that Ms. Bhutto seems to have failed to heed some of our advice so who knows?
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What do Australia and China have in common?

At least one thing. Okay, people who don’t want their internets censored can opt out of the censorship via their internets providers but still, state mandated and enforced censorship is state mandated and enforced censorship.
It’s for the children, so ‘t’sall good!
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The crisis in Darfur is as good as over

UN takes over Darfur peace force. It’s those blue helmets. Just the sight of them evokes terror in the hearts of genocidal evil-doers.
Do you think they’ll be given guns and ammunition, be allowed to fire them in defense of defenseless victims? If so, do you actually think they’ll do so?
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