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The World is Glued to America’s Presidential Race

Picture this: Your community is being controlled by a shadowy secretive gang of outlaws. They walk all over your local government, your culture; they do exactly what they want when they want. It’s all about THEM. They’re the center of the universe, and you’re just a pawn on their chessboard. For the past seven years […]

George Bush: A Wishin’ & Hopin’ Energy Policy?

Never let it be said that George Bush lacks a comprehensiv e energy policy. The President ended his Middle East tour by “asking” (think pretty please) Saudi Arabia to increase OPEC’s oil production to lessen the impact of energy costs upon the world economy.

From ABC News:
One hour after his plea for more Saudi oil was […]

Pakistan Has Weapons of Mass Destruction!

Those swarthy bastards have something to hide, I just know it. I thought Pakistan was our friend. Apparently not. Maybe Israel is our only friend. Well that’s just FINE! It’s us two against the world. We can take ‘em!
Those backstabbing Pakistanis won’t let us into their country to look for Osama bin Laden?!? The neverending […]

“We Don’t Haveta Splain Ourselves Ta Youse”

The president never ceases to amaze does he? He has all manner of chutzpah to deliver. Unscripted, we find his true self exposed. While everyone else is sidetracked by the outcome of the Iowa Caucuses, you may have missed the following quote:
Our beef is not with the Iranian people. Our beef is with […]

Musharraf and Bush: Two of a Kind

Suppose it’s shortly before the 2004 election. Presidential hopeful John Kerry is leaving a campaign appearance in Amarillo, TX where there’s a large crowd eager to see him. His limo stops on the airport tarmac and he steps out for a little glad-handing along the police line.
The Secret Service doesn’t pre-screen his crowds as it […]

Bhutto and the Creationists of Democracy

Unlike Pakistan, American’s live in a culture where political assassinatio ns - at least the violent kind - are mercifully rare. We can usually depend on an orderly transfer of our ever-lengthe ning national to-do list from one nitwit to another every few years without bloodshed. But as Benazir Bhutto’s assassinatio n shows, trying to […]

Times are tough all over…

The news this week that Bear Stearns took it in the shorts was not earth shattering. But it did give me pause to think about how those poor Executives are going to have a Merry Christmas without their bonuses.
Ok, I lied..I really laughed like a hyena when I read it. After all, why the hell […]

Faith vs. Fact: Saying No To Science Because The Bible Tells Me So?

I’ve noticed a disquieting trend on a number of important issues with regards to those on the right. In summary form, the trend is to discount scientific evidence while promoting faith based biblical theories in order to advance a narrow ideological agenda.
The most recent example is the response to a report to be issued […]

Purge the Surge

The SurgeTM is slowly floating to the top of Mesopotamian muck. WH Spokesbabe Dana Perino is full of bubbly praise, crediting it with spectacular success in bringing down the death and dismembermen t rate. It’s true casualties are mercifully down around Baghdad - and I’m glad for it - but, at what cost?
The number of […]

Deciders vs. Declarers

Of all the anarchists I know, bridge players are my favorites. I know, I know, the world of bridge is not exactly the first thing that hops into mind when you think of revolutionar ies, and frankly, you’re right. Which, I must point out, is precisely the point. Americans who dislike the direction the Bush […]