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The World is Glued to America’s Presidential Race

Picture this: Your community is being controlled by a shadowy secretive gang of outlaws. They walk all over your local government, your culture; they do exactly what they want when they want. It’s all about THEM. They’re the center of the universe, and you’re just a pawn on their chessboard. For the past seven years […]

Canadian Government Warns Its Citizens

Canadian citizens who plan on traveling outside of Canada have received a dire warning from their government. Canadian diplomats have been given a list of primitive barbaric countries that practice torture, and they’ve been duly warned that if they get arrested for any reason in one of these countries, they could be tortured. These backward […]

Pakistan Has Weapons of Mass Destruction!

Those swarthy bastards have something to hide, I just know it. I thought Pakistan was our friend. Apparently not. Maybe Israel is our only friend. Well that’s just FINE! It’s us two against the world. We can take ‘em!
Those backstabbing Pakistanis won’t let us into their country to look for Osama bin Laden?!? The neverending […]

Toughlove For Israel

Last weekend Ron Paul said the unthinkable: Israel needs to stand up on its own two feet and stop siphoning billions of dollars from American taxpayers. He said: “Why make Israel so dependent? They can’t defend their borders without coming to us.”
[gasp] Blasphemy! What in God’s Name??? You can’t say that! What’s he gonna do […]

Chickenhawks Drooling Over War With Iran

Here is another sheltered keyboard potato who’s willing to fight Iran to the last drop of somebody else’s blood. Where do these pitiful douchebags keep coming from and why do they keep multiplying?
Joshua Muravchik is a member of the American Enterprise Institute and has been affiliated with the Project For a New American Century (PNAC). […]

America: Lookout World, We’re Number Fifteen!

Go USA!! There’s just no way to describe that feeling of pride swelling in your chest; that overpowering urge to strut around and shout from the rooftops “We’re Number Fifteen! Yeahhh!!!”
Take it easy now, we’re still Number One when it comes to manufacturin g weapons, occupying other countries and guzzling the world’s resources. But for […]

Disaster Capitalism

This phrase was coined by Naomi Klein. Two recent examples of disaster capitalism: Hurricane Katrina provided an opportunity to close down housing projects in New Orleans; and the chaos in Iraq has made it possible to ram through an oil privatizatio n law.
As Klein puts it: “The window of opportunity opens up, and it is […]

Iraqmire, South Africa and America

The United States isn’t the only country having the life sucked out of it by Iraqmire. The same thing is happening in South Africa.
Thousands of white soldiers and police officers — most of them are veterans of the disgraced apartheid regime — have left their jobs and families to work as contractors in Iraq. This […]

Osama bin Laden: Chickenhawk

This news item is probably the umpteenth story we’ve all seen about bin Laden — or one of those other interchangea ble Mullahwipes — urging all “true believers” to join The Cause and become martyrs. Uh, “martyr” in this case means, of course, suicide bomber.
And yet all of these Koran-humper s are still alive. They […]

The Case For Torture

The prisoner spent 97 days confined in the same American military prison that once held Saddam Hussein. He was bombarded with ear-splittin g “head-bang ing” music day in and day out, and his interrogator s kept shouting the same questions to him over and over. He and his assistant were also subject to physical treatment […]