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140,000 Turkish Troops Amassing on Iraqi Border

In other news Iraqi offcicials are calling for the arming of civilians to fight insurgents. Geez, all this war needs now is a good ole’ NRA convention in the Green Zone.
While they are at it they should just set up “Have a gun, give a gun — Need a gun, take a gun” centers at […]

Israeli army repeatedly shoots wounded, unarmed cameraman as he lays helplessly on the ground

This is some pretty disturbing footage!!!! Let’s not forget the atrocities being committed by our “allies” in this War on Brown People.
How is any of this making us safer? Pull out of Iraq. Stop funding Israel. End this madness NOW!!!!!
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Subway train derails in east London; police say not terror-related

Subway train derails in east London; police say not terror-relat ed. Believe physics might be responsible. War on Physics to begin shortly.
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Glasgow airport bombers left suicide note

These Islamikaze’s are doing everything possible to distance themselves from your typical suicide bomber.
I wouldn’t be surprised if al-Qaeda issues a press release begging everyone to stop associating these guys with them because it is causing them great embarrassmen t.
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