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Musharraf and Bush: Two of a Kind

Suppose it’s shortly before the 2004 election. Presidential hopeful John Kerry is leaving a campaign appearance in Amarillo, TX where there’s a large crowd eager to see him. His limo stops on the airport tarmac and he steps out for a little glad-handing along the police line.
The Secret Service doesn’t pre-screen his crowds as it […]

Bhutto and the Creationists of Democracy

Unlike Pakistan, American’s live in a culture where political assassinatio ns - at least the violent kind - are mercifully rare. We can usually depend on an orderly transfer of our ever-lengthe ning national to-do list from one nitwit to another every few years without bloodshed. But as Benazir Bhutto’s assassinatio n shows, trying to […]

Purge the Surge

The SurgeTM is slowly floating to the top of Mesopotamian muck. WH Spokesbabe Dana Perino is full of bubbly praise, crediting it with spectacular success in bringing down the death and dismembermen t rate. It’s true casualties are mercifully down around Baghdad - and I’m glad for it - but, at what cost?
The number of […]

Redefining Privacy is Like Redefining Virginity

“In our interconnect ed and wireless world, anonymity - or the appearance of anonymity - is quickly becoming a thing of the past.”
– Donald Kerr
Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence

Kerr said this as the keynote speaker at GEOINT 2007 (the US Geospatial Intelligence Foundation symposium). Unfortunatel y, his comments revealed the only geospace surrounding […]

Supporting the Troops: A Bush Oxymoron

It’s the time that comes with depressing regularity. The Nimrod-in-Ch ief is on the dais, against a backdrop of soldiers and flags, asking for more money to throw down the sinkhole that is Iraq. This time it’s $46 billion for a total of $196 billion this fiscal year.
He’s already making his “my way or the […]

Crapping on the Canapes

Woe be unto Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid if they’re cat owners. Their less than spectacular abilities in disciplining the cats in their party suggests that training real cats in similar fashion would result in an out-of-contr ol pack of ferals with the run of the house and willing and able to crap on the […]

Blackwater Takes to the Waves

The French Foreign Legion doesn’t have a thing on those Blackwater BoysTM. They’re in the enviable position of being war profiteers whose business model is, well, to directly fight actual wars. You know, cut out the middle man contractors like Boeing and Lockheed and go straight to the heart of the business.
Sure, their employees have […]

Our National Embarrassment

Would someone please tell the Malaprop-in- Chief to keep his crapulent pie hole shut when he’s on trips abroad? Or better yet, just keep him home.
Mush Mouth’s gaffes are legendary at home, but particularly embarrassing on trips abroad. How can we forget such golden oldies as insulting the Queen of England, mispronounci ng foreign leaders’ […]