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North Korean Nuclear Agreement Leaves Vacancy in Axis Of Evil

In return for North Korea’s agreement to take further steps to eliminate that country’s nuclear program, the United States has indicated that it may remove North Korea from it’s official list of countries that sponsor terrorism, a sign that would surely also remove North Korea from the vaunted Axis of Evil club that President Bush […]

Canadian Judge Says Pot Laws Unconstitutional

A judge in Toronto has ruled that Canada’s marijuana possession laws are unconstituti onal after a man challenged that the country’s medical marijuana laws are flawed.
From the article:
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Bush’s War Forces Iraqi Women Into Prostitution

We went over to “win hearts and minds” while establishing “democracy in the Middle East” and saving America from a “looming mushroom cloud” of nuclear decimation perpetuated by Saddam Hussein. None of that has come to pass. What we have managed to achieve is increased hatred for America in the region, a hopelessly degrading civil […]

China Threatens “Nuclear Option”- Could Crash Dollars Dominance

Reports are out today that China’s government has threatened to liquidate its US dollars, triggering a potential dollar collapse, if US lawmakers push for Beijing to reevaluate their own currency.
This is serious folks. This is worse than a random terrorist strike. This would be like a financial armageddon.
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Iraqi Power Grid Ready To Collapse

Iraqi’s throughout the country, but especially in the capitol city of Baghdad, are close to losing the little daily electricity they get, due to a rapidly degrading power grid, according to the Iraqi electricity minister.
Citing a lack of fuel, poor maintenance, and insurgent sabotage, coupled with ever increasing demand, the Iraqi power grid can’t meet […]

Pouring Fuel In The Fire- The Bush Mid-East Plan

The Bush Administrati on has finally solved the crisis in the Middle East- it’s giving several Mid-East countries billions of dollars in arms and military aid in exchange for a promise that they will “isolate Iran and help the US defeat the Iraqi insurgency.”
At a press conference after meeting diplomats from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, […]

For Want Of Some Water, Darfur Genocide May End

While ignored by much of the world for years, Sudan’s Darfur region has been ravaged by warfare and genocide leaving over 200,000 dead since 2003. The originating factor in the hostilities? A simple lack of water. And while now the conflict is about more than just water resources (funny how sectarian genocide can change the […]

Nearly 70% Of Iranians Favor Normal Relations With US

But hey, let’s just bomb the hell out of them anyway.
According to a recent poll conducted by Terror Free Tomorrow, an overwhelming majority of Iranians, 6 8 percent, favor normal relations and trade with the United States. The poll also found that only 29 percent of respondents viewed developing nuclear weapons as a top national priority. […]

Finally, A Government Official Reveals The Real Reason For The Iraq War

While you’ll never hear these words come out of the mouth of Bush, Cheney, or Tony Blair, an Australian government official has stated that his country joined the infamous “coalition of the willing” to secure oil supplies in Iraq.
From the BBC:
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