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George Bush: A Wishin’ & Hopin’ Energy Policy?

Never let it be said that George Bush lacks a comprehensiv e energy policy. The President ended his Middle East tour by “asking” (think pretty please) Saudi Arabia to increase OPEC’s oil production to lessen the impact of energy costs upon the world economy.

From ABC News:
One hour after his plea for more Saudi oil was […]

Faith vs. Fact: Saying No To Science Because The Bible Tells Me So?

I’ve noticed a disquieting trend on a number of important issues with regards to those on the right. In summary form, the trend is to discount scientific evidence while promoting faith based biblical theories in order to advance a narrow ideological agenda.
The most recent example is the response to a report to be issued […]

Will The U.S. Be Forced To “Pack It In” In Pakistan?

The problem with supporting military regimes is evidenced by the arbitrary declaration of martial law just imposed by Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf. What hangs in the balance is Pakistan’s ability to move towards democracy and our ability to insure a government which will be supportive of American efforts in the region.
Should Pakistan follow the […]

The Last Puzzle Pieces Of A Dysfunctional Presidency?

An interesting pattern is developing which may provide incontrovert ible evidence that the Bush administrati on’s foreign policy is an unmitigated failure. In reviewing the evidence, this failure may result from the propensity of George Bush to form opinions of foreign leaders based upon unfounded, instantaneou s, and impulsive impressions.
Recent developments in our relationship s […]

Rick Perlstein On The Impact Of Conservative Rule

Rick Perlstein has an important posting at Common Sense…one that attempts to examine the transformati on of the American mind set in the aftermath of 9/11. In offering some much needed historical context, he seeks to disavow the American citizenry of the behavior that characterize d the reaction to Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’ s U.S. […]

Does Pakistan Instruct Us In The War On Terror?

The United States, in it’s efforts to combat terrorism under the Bush administrati on, has chosen military intervention as its preferred approach…an approach which successfully toppled anti-America n regimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. In my opinion, the larger objective remains elusive…that being changing the hearts and minds of the inhabitants of those nations which have […]

Dominoes: Musharraf, Malaise, & More Of The Same

I’ve got dominoes on my mind today…but unfortunatel y they’re not the type that one would find to be entertaining . The primary domino I’m watching is the unstable situation in Pakistan…the country one might call the new Afghanistan… and the assumed home of the man George Bush occasionally tells us is irrelevant…O sama bin […]

Sari Nusseibeh: Thoughts On The Arab-Israeli Conflict

Sari Nusseibeh has been an advocate for a two state solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict which has dominated the Middle East for many years. Nusseibeh, a long time advocate for a peaceful solution to the conflict between the Israeli’s and the Palestinianâ €™s based upon mutual coexistence, is the author of a new book titled, […]