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Released pending further investigation? Held until expelled from the country?

Boy THAT ought to teach them to plot murder over a handful of Mohammad cartoons! Good job of catching the plotters but letting them go is the lamest excuse for anti-terrori sm ever. Complain about Bush’s tactics all you want but if we ever adopt THIS tactic, we might as well just throw in the towel and ask the terrorists to cut our heads off.

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4 Responses to “Released pending further investigation? Held until expelled from the country?”

  1. Craig,
    What should they have done? Thrown them into Guantanamo? They weren’t charged (and I have no idea if the evidence was there that would allow them to be or not from the article. Intelligence operates on differnt standards to law, after all.) so they can’t be held for long.

  2. The evidence was there strong enough to arrest them. Presumably the one they’ve let go will be kept tabs on but he’s accused of plotting murder. That’s not the sort of person, if I were a publisher of cartoons, that I would comfortably like to have running around the same country as I. I don’t know how you’d feel about it but it would make me uncomfortabl e. And yes, Guantanamo does not seem like a poor choice to me. They are clearly jihadis, incensed Muslims intent on murder of freedom loving westerners and simply letting them go does not seem like a highly intelligent thing to do. If he can’t get to the actual publisher, alerted now to the plot as he is, the newly released man may go after anyone who reads the paper in which the offending comics appeared. I would think that, under investigatio n for murder as he is, he would be a flight risk. Correct me if I’m wrong but Europeans don’t even need a passport to travel from one place to another in Europe, no?

    As for simply expelling the others from the country but otherwise letting them go, how is this an effective means of preventing them from murder? At the very best, this is merely foisting murderous wannabes on some other country rather than dealing with them within the jurisdiction in which they’ve allegedly plotted their crime. I don’t know what the borders are like there but our borders are like sieves. We don’t even pretend to know who millions of people that creep into our country illegally are. Presumably it is the job of every country’s government to protect its people. This just doesn’t seem like anything like an effective means of accomplishin g that to me.

    I mean, jay walkers can and should be let go with a warning against the dangers of crossing busy streets except at controlled intersection s. Letting suspected murder plotters go seems, well, self-defeati ng to one of the highest purposes to governments: to protect its people.

    Granted I don’t know what the evidence was but if it was strong enough to pick them up, it should be strong enough to hold them.

  3. Craig, you’re making a huge presumptive leap hear. The Danes are anything but stupid (unlike us). I’m sure they know what they’re doing.


  4. I guess we’ll see, if we should later find these same guys involved in some (successful) jihadi plot, if they knew what they were doing but it sure seems to me like you’re the one (”I’m sure they know what they’re doing”) making the presumptive leap.

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