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The World is Glued to America’s Presidential Race

Picture this: Your community is being controlled by a shadowy secretive gang of outlaws. They walk all over your local government, your culture; they do exactly what they want when they want. It’s all about THEM. They’re the center of the universe, and you’re just a pawn on their chessboard. For the past seven years this gang has been worse than ever. But now you’ve heard that the gang’s current leader will have to step down in January 2009.

Several people — with different viewpoints and qualificatio ns — are jockeying for this leadership position. All of these wannabes are keeping as much distance as possible between themselves and the current leader. They didn’t vote for him; they don’t know him; they don’t know anybody who voted for him or who can even stand him.

Whoever wins this political race, things have to be better in your community after the #$%&!#!$ gets replaced. Are you interested in this race? Damn right you are!

In the furthest reaches of the world, people are glued to our presidential campaign. How could they not be? It’s bad enough to have an 800-pound gorilla dominating the world. But since January 2001 this gorilla has been crazier, meaner and dumber than ever. Things just have to get better next year.

A senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and Internationa l Studies said: “They feel there’s a real chance to work with the U.S. America’s image in the world is really on the line. Non-American s are looking for someone who can restore faith in the United States.”

A political scientist from the London School of Economics said: “Thank God that retched shitstain will finally be scrubbed out of the White House People all around the world are pretty worried. They want a president who will restore a kind of U.S. legitimacy in the world.”

This article uses the term “Soft Power” to describe the worldwide power America, uh, used to have (not mentioning any names here). It’s too bad the author couldn’t think up a better name. Millions of knuckledragg ers will have a field day with “huh huh huh huh huh huh what kind of wimp cares about Soft Power huh huh huh huh huh uh uh uh uh.”

Soft Power refers to the admiration and empathy the world used to have for America. It’s much easier to be persuasive with other countries if those countries respect your integrity and what you stand for. Lately, any time we try to “persuade another country, they either laugh or they brace themselves for an invasion. Either way, more terrorists get recruited.

Whoever inherits the White House is gonna have one Godawful heaping putrid mess to clean up.

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One Response to “The World is Glued to America’s Presidential Race”

  1. tom..
    “Godawful heaping putrid mess to clean up.” been thinking the same thing lately. several years ago i thought we would get through this nightmare of an administrati on before the excrement hit the whirling blades. but scanning the blogs this morning i noticed a few things which indicate we might have to rely on their leadership for another year and through some critical times. listed below are just a few of the things going on which might fit into the mess category.

    1.peak oil has occurred and most don’t even know what it is or what it is going to mean for them.
    2. a recession is upon us and many now believe it will turn into a depression.
    3. the fed has insanely dropped the key fed rate in an attempt to bail out the failing financial systems with no regard for the peasants.
    4. congress is about to pass a stimulus plan that will only put off the coming disaster for a few weeks and get the american public in more serious debt.
    5. foreclosure rates are skyrocketing and tent cities are begining to springup in many areas of the country.
    6. unemployment is on the rise.
    7. the value of the dollar is falling like a rock.
    8. the middleclass has used up its financial coping mechanisms.
    9. the country is involved in two wars.
    10. banks are facing 100’s of billions in losses.
    11. rich americans are leaving in mass.
    12.the stock market is teetering
    13.many of our largest corporations are not expected to survive the coming year. Sears, citibank, sprint, qwest, and ford to mention just a few. thousands will loose their jobs.
    14. the health care market based rationing system is leaving out 10’s of millions. and
    15. internet failures have hit asia and the middle east.

    i won’t go on. on the positive side my grandson is spending the weekend with me. got a big hike planned for today.

    Yesterday is just a memory. Tomorrow is just a plan. Now is the only reality.

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