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No wonder the Bhutto assassin succeeded

US provided Bhutto with security intel. I guess she wasn’t paying attention to their success rate pre-Iraq war and the whole WMD thing.

Okay. Maybe that’s not fair. The article says that Ms. Bhutto seems to have failed to heed some of our advice so who knows?

Then again, maybe she WAS paying attention to their success rate pre-Iraq war and figured she’d be safer ignoring our security intel. What ever it was, it turned out badly for her and for Pakistan.

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4 Responses to “No wonder the Bhutto assassin succeeded”

  1. I think your first assessment was very fair. That was my first thought when I saw the headline that we “helped” Bhutto with security intelligence . That’s the kind of “help” you’d get if you took driving lessons from somebody who’s had twelve car accidents; or took marriage advice from someone who’s been divorced ten times.

  2. Heh!

  3. Of course, it didn’t help that Musharraf’s regime couldn’t seem to get around to providing the level of security that Bhutto’s people asked for over and over, despite a number of threats by fundamentali st groups against both of them and the third major candidate as well - if she’d been given anything like the level of security Musharraf arranges for himself, she’d probably still be alive. I’m sure it just broke his heart when his most charismatic opponent got killed, though; now his people are saying they might have to postpone the election because of it. Apparently he thinks the fundies are going to need some more time to knock off his other competitor.

  4. Yeh, that too. I understand she had wanted Blackwater to do security for her. I guess Musharraf refused to grant foreign security guards (Bhutto had also thought of a British firm, Armour) permission to enter the country. Bush has been faulted for not pressuring Musharraf to give on this. I bet she’d still be alive if she had. Maybe two dozen Pakistanis would be dead — you know Blackwater, better others die than those in their charge be killed — but Bhutto would probably be alive now.

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