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“We Don’t Haveta Splain Ourselves Ta Youse”

The president never ceases to amaze does he? He has all manner of chutzpah to deliver. Unscripted, we find his true self exposed. While everyone else is sidetracked by the outcome of the Iowa Caucuses, you may have missed the following quote:
Our beef is not with the Iranian people. Our beef is with […]

Caio Luciano!

I’ve always loved Pavarotti. I did get a chance to see him perform at the Met in NYC while on a High School Field trip. It was a a dress rehearsal for Luisa Miller. I’ll never forget it. His voice was simply captivating.   He will be missed.
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Flip Flops Are Okay If The President Does It

Tuesday, the President was asked the following question:
Q Thank you all. Mr. President, yesterday, Senator Levin, Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said that the Iraqi parliament ought to oust Prime Minister Maliki and his government for being politically unable to deliver political unity there, for utterly failing on that point. I’m wondering what your […]

When Is Charity Not Really?

Found this snip on they NYTimes and thought it could be more broadly applicable to such situations as Iraq and the like:
“If someone wants to help you, they shouldn’t do it by destroying the very thing that they’re trying to promote.”
GEORGE ODO, a CARE official, on U.S. food aid to Africa, which his organization says […]

Makem Go Braugh

Another news item that I didn’t pick up from the MSM…Tommy Makem passed away 1 Aug. I’ll raise a glass for him on Sunday night and sing a song at my local pub in his memory. I encourage you to do the same.

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Powell Unsucessful Talking W Out Of Going Into Iraq: Now All We Are Doing Is Putting “A Heavier Lid On This Pot Of Boiling Sectarian Stew.”

This is an interesting opener to an article you won’t find in the US rags. A friend pointed this url out to me and suggested the comments were scathing. Enjoy:
THE former American secretary of state Colin Powell has revealed that he spent 2½ hours vainly trying to persuade President George W Bush not […]

What Are You Doing For “Captive Nations Week?”

Hoist your flag high?
I thought the W, Rove and Co stood for smaller, not bigger government.
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Parsing Opinions With Tony: What’s the Difference Between Lugar and Reid?

Tony the Snow job had a difficult time trying to explain that the Whitehouse was not having a debate with itself today. Moreover, he tried to paint Lugar as someone friendly to the Whitehouse.
But we all know W got Lugar-ed a while not too long ago. Have a look at how […]

Here’s a Job For Mr. Bush or Mr. Cheney When The Wrap Up Their Current Gigs

One of the list serves I’m on sent this job advert. Pay attention to the highlighted areas:
2) Position Announcement - University of Massachusett s
POSITION: Institutiona l Leadership & Administrati on Manager
LOCATION: Afghanistan
PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Consortium composed of Academy for Educational
Development, University of Massachusett s, and Indiana University
The Afghanistan Higher Education Project (HEP) […]

“Strategic Culmination” And More Proof The President Doesn’t Have A Clue About The Real World

The other day, Mr. Bush was busy spending hard earned Taxpayer Dollars on yet another PR junket, this time to the Naval War College in Rhode Island. Of course, the President was busy gallivanting about in Marine One
On the way toward the War College, the President will have an aerial tour of Tall Ships […]