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Times are tough all over…

The news this week that Bear Stearns took it in the shorts was not earth shattering. But it did give me pause to think about how those poor Executives are going to have a Merry Christmas without their bonuses.
Ok, I lied..I really laughed like a hyena when I read it. After all, why the hell […]

News Agencies’ Credibility Gap

It’s not just in America but worldwide. In nations where freedom of the press is valued most highly, few believe that their news agancies are doing a good job of reporting the news fairly and without bias.
Stories like these, reported and not retracted, may be a big reason why their job performance numbers are lower […]

US: We are the Law!!!!

While looking around, I stumbled across this litle gem.
Could someone please explain the logic of this to me? Because I’m rather stumped. Now, I could understand it if this was about countries without an extradition treaty, but we have one with you!!
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Tribalism and the Evolution of Democracy

As we take a moment from time to time to stop and look around at the situation we live in we often come to the conclusion that we understand the world. Well, actually most of us don’t take the time to actually pay attention to the details of the world around us. And, many […]

Some semblence of sanity shown in two countries

In Venezuela, the people narrowly defeated amendments to the Constitution proposed by President for Life wannabe, Hugo Chavez, amendments that would have removed term-limits on the office of president and which would also have strengthened socialism within the country. It was a close call.
The second bit of sanity resulted in the freeing of the British […]