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Looking for progress in all the wrong places

Many critics persist in judging the surge a failure, in spite of the fact that there has been a great diminution of violence in Iraq since it took effect, because the hoped for political progress within Iraq’s government has not materialized and, indeed, the elected government has not met many of the so-called bench-marks set for it by the Democratic-l ed U. S. Congress but that doesn’t mean that progress isn’t being made. It’s just being made from the bottom up rather than from the top down. This is progress worth continuing to work with and such trends offer hope for more formal political process within the government. I continue to think that we should stay in Iraq until stabilized rather than withdrawing them based upon a calendar date, regardless of what is going on in the country.

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4 Responses to “Looking for progress in all the wrong places”

  1. Craig, no one is saying “the surge is a failure” per se. But what we all should know is 1: we can’t “surge” forever 2: we can’t occupy forever and thus 3: we can’t keep the relative peace forever. The “surge” should have been done in the very beginning. It’s too late now. The Iraqis are armed and just waiting for us to un-surge so they can get back to reordering the demographics of mesopotamia.

    You should really try to see the whole picture. It seems you’re the one looking for progress in all the wrong places.


  2. 1. We’re already reducing the surge. A battalion is returning home without being replaced.

    2. We’re in talks with the Iraqi government to end the occupation by the end of Bush’s term.

    3. Sunnis are leaving the insurgency right and left, the main Shiite Militia has stood down. You may be right and they are just waiting for us to unsurge. I’ll leave the future-telli ng to you; my crystal ball is on the fritz and I can’t afford to have it fixed or replace it.

    All I’m saying is, there’s progress, even if it’s not in the place where it was demanded.

  3. It doesn’t matter, Craig. On balance, the progress is negated by the overall reality. The “surge” was a bandaid on a hemophiliac’ s wound. Pull the banaid off, and the bleeding will resume. You know this.

    We may as well just leave now and let it bleed out. We have destroyed a nation. There’s nothing we can do now but admit our horrific mistake.


  4. Come to think ot it, I should have said, “We have destroyed YET ANOTHER nation.”


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