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Faith vs. Fact: Saying No To Science Because The Bible Tells Me So?

I’ve noticed a disquieting trend on a number of important issues with regards to those on the right. In summary form, the trend is to discount scientific evidence while promoting faith based biblical theories in order to advance a narrow ideological agenda.
The most recent example is the response to a report to be issued […]

Purge the Surge

The SurgeTM is slowly floating to the top of Mesopotamian muck. WH Spokesbabe Dana Perino is full of bubbly praise, crediting it with spectacular success in bringing down the death and dismembermen t rate. It’s true casualties are mercifully down around Baghdad - and I’m glad for it - but, at what cost?
The number of […]

America: Lookout World, We’re Number Fifteen!

Go USA!! There’s just no way to describe that feeling of pride swelling in your chest; that overpowering urge to strut around and shout from the rooftops “We’re Number Fifteen! Yeahhh!!!”
Take it easy now, we’re still Number One when it comes to manufacturin g weapons, occupying other countries and guzzling the world’s resources. But for […]

Redefining Privacy is Like Redefining Virginity

“In our interconnect ed and wireless world, anonymity - or the appearance of anonymity - is quickly becoming a thing of the past.”
– Donald Kerr
Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence

Kerr said this as the keynote speaker at GEOINT 2007 (the US Geospatial Intelligence Foundation symposium). Unfortunatel y, his comments revealed the only geospace surrounding […]

Deciders vs. Declarers

Of all the anarchists I know, bridge players are my favorites. I know, I know, the world of bridge is not exactly the first thing that hops into mind when you think of revolutionar ies, and frankly, you’re right. Which, I must point out, is precisely the point. Americans who dislike the direction the Bush […]

Going to hell in a handbasket–Musharraf style

The newest country to impose martial law is Pakistan. Following a fine tradition started eons ago, General Perez Musharraf has used the time-honored excuse that the citizens of Pakistan need protecting from themselves. I think the timing is suspect, based on the fact that this week the Supreme Court of Pakistan was going to hand […]

Will The U.S. Be Forced To “Pack It In” In Pakistan?

The problem with supporting military regimes is evidenced by the arbitrary declaration of martial law just imposed by Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf. What hangs in the balance is Pakistan’s ability to move towards democracy and our ability to insure a government which will be supportive of American efforts in the region.
Should Pakistan follow the […]