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Supporting the Troops: A Bush Oxymoron

Funny MoneyIt’s the time that comes with depressing regularity. The Nimrod-in-Ch ief is on the dais, against a backdrop of soldiers and flags, asking for more money to throw down the sinkhole that is Iraq. This time it’s $46 billion for a total of $196 billion this fiscal year.

He’s already making his “my way or the highway” speech. “I know some in Congress are against the war, and are seeking ways to demonstrate that opposition. I often hear that war critics oppose my decisions, but still support the troops. Well, I’ll take them at their word - and this is the chance to show it, that they support the troops,” he says with what passes for his straight face.

That’s mighty fine speechifying Admiral Asshat, but where’s your support?

  • Did you support a raise to compensate those having their asses shot off?
  • Have you demonstrated the least concern over excessive deployments?
  • Have you listened to the advice of even your hand-selecte d Generals that our military is teetering on collapse?
  • How about those who come home with stumps? Do they get good VA treatment?

Pass the Vaseline
In fact, just what have you done to support them? You haven’t even had the common decency to give them a buck-off coupon for the Vaseline they desperately need with you at the helm.

George, you sorry bag of cow chips, those “war critics” you’re talking about now comprise 70% of Americans. I know your math is weak, but in shitkickeres e that’s a whole lotta people. They’re pissed. They want action. They’re waiting for the day when they can see one iota of your concern for those troops and I suspect they’ll be waiting a long time.

They’ll be waiting because our Congress is precisely the herd of cowards you take them for. They’ll bleat and moan like a flock of shiftless sheep, but they’ll not do a single thing to reign your despicable ass in. They’ll cower. They’ll mumble something about non-binding resolutions. Hell, they might even get brave enough to knock $1.63 off the appropriatio n bill - until you threaten to veto it because it isn’t what you want…to the penny. And all the while, you’ll keep preaching about how you’re reaching out to form a bipartisan consensus.

Do Something Right for a Change
The only thing you’ve ever done in a bipartisan way is unite 3/4 of the country in the certitude that you are a worthless piece of pond scum, and a profligate one with lives and treasure at that.

Let me make a suggestion Mr. President - not that you’ll listen - but how about you show some support for once? You’ve let down the troops and so many other Americans repeatedly. Now, at least 70% of us - including many who inexplicably voted for you…twice…wo uld like some support from you. Forget about timetables, because you won’t countenance them anyway. Forget about actual plans based on actual facts, because those don’t exist in your bright little world. Forget compassion. Forget service and duty to your country. Forget about the ruined lives you leave in your Titanic wake. Just do this one little thing:

For once in your worthless life, do something right.


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