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Supporting the Troops: A Bush Oxymoron

It’s the time that comes with depressing regularity. The Nimrod-in-Ch ief is on the dais, against a backdrop of soldiers and flags, asking for more money to throw down the sinkhole that is Iraq. This time it’s $46 billion for a total of $196 billion this fiscal year.
He’s already making his “my way or the […]

The Last Puzzle Pieces Of A Dysfunctional Presidency?

An interesting pattern is developing which may provide incontrovert ible evidence that the Bush administrati on’s foreign policy is an unmitigated failure. In reviewing the evidence, this failure may result from the propensity of George Bush to form opinions of foreign leaders based upon unfounded, instantaneou s, and impulsive impressions.
Recent developments in our relationship s […]

Disaster Capitalism

This phrase was coined by Naomi Klein. Two recent examples of disaster capitalism: Hurricane Katrina provided an opportunity to close down housing projects in New Orleans; and the chaos in Iraq has made it possible to ram through an oil privatizatio n law.
As Klein puts it: “The window of opportunity opens up, and it is […]

Ok. So what did Clinton do that was this bad?

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Failing to force a US withdrawal from Iraq, Speaker Pelosi turns her hand to international deplomacy

and succeeds in causing an internationa l incident. I guess the idea is that if she can’t cause us to surrender in Iraq, she can cause headaches for Bush another way. What a gal!
Way to go, Nancy! This woman is third in line to the presidency. I say we impeach Bush and Cheney. We could […]

Iraqmire, South Africa and America

The United States isn’t the only country having the life sucked out of it by Iraqmire. The same thing is happening in South Africa.
Thousands of white soldiers and police officers — most of them are veterans of the disgraced apartheid regime — have left their jobs and families to work as contractors in Iraq. This […]

Burma, some basics..

I have been watching the unrest in Burma..also known as Myanmar, for almost two weeks now. I have seen things I never thought I would see happening in living color. I watched the murder of a Japanese journalist named Kenji Nagai who was holding nothing but a video camera when a Burmese soldier gunned him […]

North Korean Nuclear Agreement Leaves Vacancy in Axis Of Evil

In return for North Korea’s agreement to take further steps to eliminate that country’s nuclear program, the United States has indicated that it may remove North Korea from it’s official list of countries that sponsor terrorism, a sign that would surely also remove North Korea from the vaunted Axis of Evil club that President Bush […]

Blog for Burma Oct 4th..

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