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Crapping on the Canapes

Nancy, Read the SignWoe be unto Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid if they’re cat owners. Their less than spectacular abilities in disciplining the cats in their party suggests that training real cats in similar fashion would result in an out-of-contr ol pack of ferals with the run of the house and willing and able to crap on the canapes at the next fund-raising soiree.

Roughly two-thirds of the American public is against the war in Iraq. They voted PelosiCo into the majority to have something done about that. So far, all La Nance has been able to offer is hand-ringing about not having the votes and empty threats to hold the Carbuncle-in -Chief “accountable ”, whatever the hell that means. And Harry? He just says, “Yeah. What she said.”

Certainly there are hard realities at work. We have a Dennis the Menace President leading a pack of craven ass-kissers who would frag their own grandmothers if given the command. And precisely because Dennis has spent his overly-long term menacing everything in sight, we’re left with no good answers - only choices between huge debacles.

The Excuses
At various turns, the Dems - including those running for President - have several pat excuses for their lack of success. So let’s take the most popular of them one at a time.

  • Public Uncertainty - Most everyone agrees that leaving Iraq is a good thing, but nobody sees an easy way to do it. Pelosispeak says, “If we propose a well-thought out plan and it goes south, we’ll get blamed for it.” True, but if no one comes up with a plan, we’ll never leave and you’ll get blamed even more. Nancy, there are no good alternatives . Someone has to be the leader and say, “It sucks, but this is what we have to do. Sorry, there’s no spoonful sugar to make this evil medicine go down. Get over it.” If people voted for the friendliest and agreeable representati ves, Judith Martin would have a seat in Congress.
  • Strategic Uncertainty - We already know that whatever we do is going to be bad. Really bad. The risk of failure is high, but the risk of bleeding our nation dry is higher. The Crapweasel-i n-Chief left us with an untenable situation. Crapweasels do that. But Nancy, it’s spine-growin g time again. (See Public Uncertainty) .
  • Guilt - There’s an argument to be made - a valid one - that since we broke Iraq we should stick around to fix it. However, the time for doing that went by around the same time Lil’ Bush first said, “We’ll stand down as the Iraqis stand up”…for the 43rd time. News flash…that ain’t gonna happen. They’ve spent centuries killing each other over whose prophet has the shiniest halo. There’s no reason to think they’ll stop now, or ever for that matter. Iraq is Humpty Dumpty. “All the moron’s horses and all the moron’s men couldn’t put Humpty back together again.” It’s not a feel-good thing to say, but it’s true and we need to face it instead of pissing down our legs over what a raw deal it is.

Let ‘Em Filibuster
And that leaves us with the Big Two, a lack of bipartisansh ip and the President’s Constitution al prerogative to wage war as he sees fit. These two are simply opposite sides of the same coin.

Nancy and Harry whine like babies because they “don’t have the votes”. That’s true, but it’s the lamest excuse of them all. “If we propose a plan to leave in an orderly fashion, the Republicans will filibuster and the President will veto it,” they say.

When that inevitably happens, pass out the phone books and let them filibuster to their rancid hearts’ content. Let them filibuster until there are no phone books left except the Greater Rabbit Hash Metro area. If they give in and the President decides to veto, hand him a pen and say, “Help yourself you asshat.” And when things grind to a halt, do exactly what the Republicans have been doing to you for nigh onto two decades now - smile and say, “Those damn Republicans are a gaggle of obstructioni sts who are traitors and don’t want to support the troops!” Then, back it up with the myriad examples to prove your point.

Self-Fulfill ing Whale Crap
Congress doesn’t have approval ratings lower than whale crap at the bottom of the Mariana Trench because “far left” Dems are pressing too hard. They have those ratings because two-thirds of the American public is sick to death elected representati ves who don’t do a damned thing. They don’t expect that we’ll suddenly just up and leave one day and all will be right with the world. They know that takes time, even the “far lefties”. They know there will be carnage. They know that the situation might get a whole lot worse. But they also know something else. Doing nothing guarantees we’ll have a 51st state named Iraq. That doesn’t serve us or the poor sods caught in the crossfire.

And that’s just not acceptable to anybody.

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2 Responses to “Crapping on the Canapes”

  1. The Dems were not - and are not - ready from “prime time,” even if they have the better ideas. Whatever else you may say about the Chimp, he’s got balls and stamina when it comes to advocating his ideas.

    Even in the midst of criticism and overwhelming public disfavor, he understands that leadership is just that - leadership. Voting will (or should) take care of the part about whether a majority wants that type of leadership.

    Pelosi and most other Democrats simply do not know how to lead. Their so damn afraid of being seen negatively, they play it safe, which is cowardice at best. And it certainly not leadership.

    Nancy & Co: JUST ADVOCATE STRONGLY AND WITHOUT MINCING WORDS - what you want. Stop thinking about the PR consequences . Put your head to the grindstone and follow your guiding lights. THAT IS LEADERSHIP.

    Instead, you cower at every poll, or look for a Rovian demonization in every step you take. You are right where the GOP wants you - afraid to say or do much. We’ll it’s time to play the game. Call IMMORALITY (this war) what it is. Call IMMORALITY (Bush vetoing child healthcare) what it is. Blessed are the peace-makers and all of that.

    Democrats have it backwards on public input. Leaders think up new ideas and bravely step where no one has treaded. Think JFK. The public will either go along. Or not. It’s called steering in the general direction. The public will tweak the wheel as necessarily. But, DAMNIT, just LEAD already!

  2. MK, Balls and stamina are bullocks if the ideas suck.

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