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Crapping on the Canapes

Woe be unto Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid if they’re cat owners. Their less than spectacular abilities in disciplining the cats in their party suggests that training real cats in similar fashion would result in an out-of-contr ol pack of ferals with the run of the house and willing and able to crap on the […]

Rick Perlstein On The Impact Of Conservative Rule

Rick Perlstein has an important posting at Common Sense…one that attempts to examine the transformati on of the American mind set in the aftermath of 9/11. In offering some much needed historical context, he seeks to disavow the American citizenry of the behavior that characterize d the reaction to Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’ s U.S. […]

Bip R. I. P.

A moment of silence for Marcel Marceau.
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Blackwater Takes to the Waves

The French Foreign Legion doesn’t have a thing on those Blackwater BoysTM. They’re in the enviable position of being war profiteers whose business model is, well, to directly fight actual wars. You know, cut out the middle man contractors like Boeing and Lockheed and go straight to the heart of the business.
Sure, their employees have […]

Does Pakistan Instruct Us In The War On Terror?

The United States, in it’s efforts to combat terrorism under the Bush administrati on, has chosen military intervention as its preferred approach…an approach which successfully toppled anti-America n regimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. In my opinion, the larger objective remains elusive…that being changing the hearts and minds of the inhabitants of those nations which have […]

Osama bin Laden: Chickenhawk

This news item is probably the umpteenth story we’ve all seen about bin Laden — or one of those other interchangea ble Mullahwipes — urging all “true believers” to join The Cause and become martyrs. Uh, “martyr” in this case means, of course, suicide bomber.
And yet all of these Koran-humper s are still alive. They […]

Typing Satire, Unamused Dragon

The problem with trying to control humans is they have this little thing called emotions. They find things funny. Sometimes they get mad. The problem with the internet is that it functions as a perfect amplfier for those pesky emotions. The problem with communist China is that they can’t figure out how to stop people […]

Our National Embarrassment

Would someone please tell the Malaprop-in- Chief to keep his crapulent pie hole shut when he’s on trips abroad? Or better yet, just keep him home.
Mush Mouth’s gaffes are legendary at home, but particularly embarrassing on trips abroad. How can we forget such golden oldies as insulting the Queen of England, mispronounci ng foreign leaders’ […]

New Grecian Formula ad not so effective

Apparently, getting rid of the grey has caught on among the terrorist set. Perhaps Osama has engaged a new PR firm that told him that, if he really wants to be popular among the suicide bomber set, he needs to lose the grey. Which seems odd because, as I understand it, among Muslims, until one’s […]

$165 Austrialian Can Not Provide Security to APEC

That’s right folks, it seems that no amount of money can provide security the likes of which people expect against that nasty thing we call terrorism.  A group of eleven actors has been arrested in Austrialia for infiltrating the security zone around the Decider-in-C hief by afixing Canadian Flags onto their limo and SUV escort.  […]