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Bush’s War Forces Iraqi Women Into Prostitution

We went over to “win hearts and minds” while establishing “democracy in the Middle East” and saving America from a “looming mushroom cloud” of nuclear decimation perpetuated by Saddam Hussein. None of that has come to pass. What we have managed to achieve is increased hatred for America in the region, a hopelessly degrading civil war at foot, and no sign of the so-called WMD’s anywhere. Add turning pious Muslim women into prostitutes so they can feed their kids to the list of grand achievements America has realized under the woefully inadequate eye of George W. Bush.

According to this CNN report, Iraqi women are being forced into prostitution just to keep their families alive. And when I say “forced” I don’t mean that armed gangs are dragging them out of their homes and savagely raping them , tossing a few dinars at their feet. I mean that the country is in such a shambles, and so many men have been killed in sectarian violence, that family matriarchs are choosing to sell their sexual wares for food money just to keep their children from starving. In a country where religion often sees walking hand in hand or kissing in public as an affront to modesty and piety, these women are abandoning all their religious traditions and risking certain death upon discovery by family members simply to eat.

Kudos Dub’ya- you managed to become the Pimp of Iraq, albeit as a consequence of your incompetence .

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5 Responses to “Bush’s War Forces Iraqi Women Into Prostitution”

  1. A tragic story. What’s even more tragic is the last sentence of the post. See, the “liberal” “reality-bas ed” community loves to pick on some Christians who the “liberals” claim say the universe is less than 10,000 years old (the “liberals” aren’t entirely wrong, some Christians do). Yet, this same “liberal” “reality-bas ed” community professes, based on the last sentence of this post and other statements, that the universe began on January 20, 2001. In the 26 months before that demon from hell, George W. Bush, invaded Iraq, it was a peace-loving country made up of happy and well-to-do folks. Nothing prior to 01/20/2001 happened before. Saddam Hussein was a great guy who loved people and got along with everybody. Now, for those of us who believe the earth is a bit older than that (and that of some Christians; that is, some 20 billion years older), Iraq under Saddam Hussein was a shithole since 1979, a year not recognized by the “liberal” “reality-bas ed” community because the universe began in 2001 (those Christians will accept 1979 as a valid year since it is within the 10,000 years since the universe began). Never mind those two wars Saddam started or the sanctions that didn’t force him to be a responsible leader. Those things didn’t happen because they would have occurred before January 20, 2001, the beginning of the universe to the “liberal” “reality-bas ed” community.

  2. We can always look at both sides of the mirror. We can say that something was bad and argue to the nth degree to prove it. And we can also say that something was good and argue to the yth degree to prove it.

    The point is not that Saddam Hussein was good or bad. The point primarily is that how stable the country was in a specific regime.

    As we all know (i hope we do), that Saddam bombed the Kurds and the Iranians with Chemical Weapons - which is definitely documented - and infact was one of the basis of the US Invasion of Iraq (irrespectiv e of the fact that those very chemical weapons were provided by the U.S. to Iraq to bomb Iran) - the fact still remains that the living conditions in that country is now much more in a dismal situation compared to when Saddam was in power. In such a dismal situation that some or more (not sure of the stats here) of the Iraqi women have started to sell their bodies to manage their family’s livelihood.

    I am sure Iraqi women were prostituting even during the Saddam Hussein’s regime but was it as much prevelant as it is today? and if yes what are the root causes of this situation.

    In the end we are all humans. We are not liberals or democrats or what ever one may call or distinguish each other in order to play the blame game - in the end we are all humans and we should work towards not blaming but how to make things improve in people’s normal every day lives.

  3. Can someonoe answer this? We all know Iraq was a peaceful nation under Saddam. W

  4. Can someonoe answer this? We all know Iraq was a peaceful nation under Saddam. Would you be happy if the new Iraqi government was able to bring peace to the country using the same methods Saddam used?

  5. As Iraq was not a unified state prior to British occupation less than a century ago, and given that sectarian lines are drawn right through and all over the country, it is quite possible, as all you idiot cons were wanred years ago, that ONLY a “strongman” government can hold Iraq together. You could have a relatively benevolent dictatorship  , like that Marshall Tito in old Yugoslavia, or a miserable one like the Baathists. If “Iraq” was truly a free state, it would fall part into three states. But, you see, the sleazy cons never wanted a “free state.” The want a unified state with central control - over the OIL.


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