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Al Qaeda strongest since September 11, 2001

According to a new 5-page intelligence report, al Qaeda is the strongest that it has been since September 11, 2001. The intelligence reports finds that despite “a campaign of military action and counterterro rism operations,” al Qaeda has managed to rebuild itself, and has found safe haven in the tribal areas of Pakistan.

Great. Just great.

To make matters worse, the report states that not only has al Qaeda regained strength, but it’s ability to centrally plan to coordinate operations has been reestablishe d. So now, somewhere in a cave, Osama bin Hidin’ can order strikes against the U.S. with impunity. This of course after we have spent nearly 6 years “hunting down the terrorists” where ever they are.

As long as they were in Iraq.

And were named Saddam.

And didn’t actually attack us.

This is the gravest indictment yet against this failed and pathetic White House. They had ONE job after September 11th, just one job - destroy al Qaeda, and they failed. They broke the law, crapped on the Constitution  ,and spent hundreds upon hundreds of billions of dollars to fight “the terrorists”; and still the people who brought down the WTC, who crashed into the Pentagon and who, without the heroic efforts of the brave people on board, would have crashed into the very heart of our government are running free and rebuilding their strength. Our President has failed in his duty to keep the country safe. Failed. Through incompetence and pig-headedne ss he is responsible for the renewed threat against our soil.

I have met the enemy, and he is George.

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3 Responses to “Al Qaeda strongest since September 11, 2001”

  1. I see.  So violating a sovereign state such as Iraq, with a known thug leading that country that sponsored Islamist terrorists (including Al Qaeda, but not for 9/11) was bad, while violating a sovereign state such as Pakistan, with a known thug as leader and who is a U.S. ally, but who had supported the Taliban, but was and is actively (although to not as great an extent that the U.S., or me, would like) fighting the Taliban and Al Qaeda would be good? 
    Don’t get me wrong.  I wouldn’t have a problem if the U.S. government would put some real heat on Musharraf, including doing something militarily in Pakistan with or without his permission.  Lastly, the enemy was never named George.  Or Bill.  The enemy is named Osama.  And Ayman.  And Khalid.  And Saddam.  And Seyyed.  And Bashar.  And Omar (al-Bashir).   And Hassan (Nasrallah).   And Khaled (Mashaal).  And Ismail (Haniya).  Sometimes his name is Pervez, Mahmoud, and Abdullah (the Saudi one).  Maybe if all of the people in this country recognize that fact instead of trying to name the enemy as an American, and doing so only to gain votes, we actually might win this thing in a quicker amount of time.

  2. Nice try at deflection. Sorry to disagree with you but the friend of my enemy is my enemy and George’s complete bungling of Afghanistan and al Qaeda has made this country less safe. his invasion of iraq (which contrary to your lie was not an al Qaeda area any more than Buffalo was) was the best recruiting tool for young angry Arabs that Osama has ever had. Throw is Gitmo and a torture prison or two and loe and behold Osama is back in business.

    You have to be a special kind of President to lose 2 wars in 5 years and strengthen your enemy, all while spending a trillion dollars and thousands of lives.

    Georgie, you’re doing a heck of a job….

  3. And isn’t it funny that the neo-cons have said that another attack on American soil by terrorists would boost the GOP and the president’s image.
    What planet are these people from? If anything, the remergence of al-Qaeda capability (if indeed that is even true and not a form of fear inspiring propaganda itself) proves the incompetence of the Bush administrati on and their purported goal of ‘keeping America safe.’
    And if America is again attacked on her soil by al-Qaeda it is completely the fault of the Bush cabal which has done nothing to secure this country and everything to engender more hostility abroad.

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