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Pouring Fuel In The Fire- The Bush Mid-East Plan

The Bush Administrati on has finally solved the crisis in the Middle East- it’s giving several Mid-East countries billions of dollars in arms and military aid in exchange for a promise that they will “isolate Iran and help the US defeat the Iraqi insurgency.”
At a press conference after meeting diplomats from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, […]

Gorbachev Bitch-Slaps Bush

Things have come full circle. The Red Menace that we were afraid would “bury us” — the Evil Empire — is now warning the President of the United States about his dangerous and reckless behavior.
Mikhail Gorbachev, who presided over the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1989, accused Bush of “sowing disorder across the world […]

Egypt’s Oldest Known Art Identified, Is 15,000 Years Old

I call bullshit on this one because every God-fearing American Evangelical knows for a fact that the world is only 6,000 years old, at best!!!!
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So You Want Fast, Do Ya?

Hey BIOphytes, word on the street is you like it fast. Naturally, since we love you guys, if it’s fast you want, it’s fast you get. The BIOsphere is upgrading to a dedicated server. This means no more annoying CPU notices, the page WILL be found, and comments won’t disappear into thin air. Grrr. That […]

United States to the World — We beat you because we love you

A recent poll of 45,00o people from 47 countries reviels that people viewed the US as the most friendly country in the world and the most feared.
Mission accomplished  !
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BS-o-Meter Off Charts over HIV Microchip Plan

After rummaging around in my hairline, eyebrows that zoomed up there and got lost were retrieved. The cause?
John Manangsang, a doctor who is helping to prepare a new healthcare regulation bill for Papua’s provincial parliament, said that unusual measures were needed to combat the virus.
“We in the government in Papua (Indonesia) have to think hard […]

Watch Now: Divest from Darfur

There’s a bit of buzz going around right now surrounding this 29-second You Tube video that asks the candidates whether or not they would support divesting from Darfur.
Click here to watch the video. If it gets enough hits, the question may make it to tonight’s debate.
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How Free is the Press? Take our Quiz

Rank the following countries, with one being the most free and 10 the least. Note that press freedom refers to ease of access to information, not whether or not it is reported accurately. Answers are in the comments.
South Africa
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The votes are in and counted in Turkey.

The ruling Party, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party maintained control but lost 10 seats in the Parlement. Erdogan is a heavy-duty Muslim. At a rally yesterday he said, per AP:

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No one Guilty in Cash for Honours

As I wrote a post on the old BIO about this, I thought I’d update. After 16 months of investigatio n, it’s been announced that no-one is to be prosecuted over either selling peerages or not informing the police properly in questioning.
And that’s it. The scandal is over. No one did anything illegal (that can […]